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Digital Advertising

Performance-Driven Digital Solutions

The digital landscape is an ever-changing minefield. As consumers user behaviour becomes more intertwined with the digital world, it has never been more important to understand how and where they conduct their research

We’ve been helping some of the biggest brands in the world for years when it comes to developing a digital strategy. From pay per click to display advertising, social media, video ads and more, we’ve got you covered.  

Not only that, but we measure everything using our Insights platform. Using complex attribution modelling, we don’t just report on the last click that leads to a conversion, we go far beyond that and give credit to all interactions that lead to that all important conversion 

Discover how Exchange Accountants grew their online presence and automated various communications with our help.

The Methods We Use

Once we have a deep understanding of your existing digital platforms and customers, our team of strategists will get to work, here is how we go about our business

Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics


Insights Dashboards

Our Four Pillar Philosophy

For us, it’s not just about launching and leaving. We pay close attention to the four pillars that our business is built on, these are create, attract, engage and measure. As we build your digital platform , we pay a lot of attention to how we will attract users to use the platform, we look at how we will create interest when they visit the platform and most important of all, how we define success through our in-depth measurement tools.

Eyefall have been a fantastic company to work with over the last number of years. Here at Exchange Accountants we have been trying to build our business more and more on a digital footprint and we had been looking for a digital marketing agency that we felt would link in well with our plans for this digital journey. Eyefall has been the perfect fit for us at Exchange Accountants.

Gary Laverty

 Director,  Exchange Accountants

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